Unlikely Alliance is a short story about the early days of the invasion of Erathia during the Restoration Wars. It takes place shortly after The Legacy, and involves Professor Xanthor sharing news with his friends. It was written by employees at New World Computing and originally published on The Nether Gods, a Heroes III fan site that has since disappeared.

The story is copied in its entirety below.

Unlikely Alliance[edit | edit source]

"Hello my friends! You have no idea how nice it is to see so many familiar faces! But… what are you doing here? Was the University overrun? Oh, this war is simply dreadful, I tell you. Erathia is falling, and though I shouldn't say this, the Royal Erathian Military Command really has no idea what they're doing. Could you believe that not one of the leaders here at Steadwick has seen any combat? They're still gathering reports! Not only has Erathia been attacked from the east by the Dungeon Overlords and Kreegan Devils, but the formerly neutral leaders of Tatalia and Krewlod have decided to expand their borders into Western Erathia! What next... an undead invasion from the north?

Someone please get me a drink. I can't believe what a mess this has turned into. According to General Kendal, a traveler I met several months ago in the town of Whitestone fits the description of a man seen here in Steadwick, more specifically at the Palace, shortly before King Gryphonheart's death. At the time I thought the man was speaking in riddles, but it wasn't until I arrived here that I remembered him speaking of the religious cult he belonged to, and their prophecy of "a nation that would lose its heart" or some such nonsense. Oh, if only I had known... *sniffle* I could have saved the King!

Ahem! Please forgive me. I really did not learn of the King's death until I was almost to Steadwick. You see, I was actually in the town of Plinth, just across the Bracadan border, when the Kreegan attack came. The attack was swift, and the town fell quickly, but several hundred of us had been able to escape. We tried fleeing to the nearby town of Mirham, but discovered that it was under the control of the Dungeon Overlords. The refugees I had joined decided that the only course of action we could take was to head inland, toward the capitol.

But the road would not be easy. It seemed that no matter what path we chose, we had the Devils at our backs and the Dungeon Overlords all around. They always seemed to know where we were going, and were often waiting for us when we got there. Scores of people died, and sadly, many more were injured and had to be left behind. The holy men and women who traveled with us could do little more than offer a blessing to those poor, condemned souls.

As we continued toward Steadwick, and into gradually safer territory, we were joined by refugees from other parts of Southeastern Erathia. The story was the same each time, yet I grew more frightened each time I heard the story told. The Kreegans and Dungeon Overlords had attacked along a tremendous front from the edge of Bracada in the south across the Dwarven Mining Range near the southeast coast and as far north as the border of AvLee. The thought of such a broad offensive was staggering, even to me. I believe I saw General Kendal and several of his aides actually pale as I recounted the stories.

Anyway, it's good to be back where it's safe, and among friends.


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