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Unity is a campaign in Might & Magic: Heroes VII. It is one of the Lost Tales of Axeoth, and was released on February 18th 2016.

" The Reckoning not only threw civilization into chaos, but the study of magic as well. Many of the spell libraries on Erathia were destroyed before their contents could be saved. Many Wizards who attempted to gather the books took too much time and died. Untold centuries of knowledge was lost. An organized effort to collect and rewrite the lost spells from the memories of those magic users who survived is being met with a little resistance. Few sorcerers want to give up their precious spell books for such a cause, so the process is slow and painful.
Too slow for Genevieve Seymour.

The campaign was originally planned for Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Its name can be observed on the game's default high scores list, along with the names of the six produced campaigns. Like Every Dog Has His Day, it was included as free DLC for Heroes VII to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Heroes of Might and Magic series[1].

Scenarios Edit

  1. The Isle of Order
  2. The Isle of Life
  3. The Isle of Nature
  4. The Isle of Mayhem
  5. The Isle of Death

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