Umberto is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and a character in Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Heroes VI Edit

Umberto is no ordinary priest of Elrath: while his faith is unquestionnable, he sees the world with a much more pragmatic and tolerant eye than his fellow members of the Church of Light. Umberto is known for his open-mindness when it comes to discussing philosophical questions, and his razor-sharp skills of deduction. While he has made a few enemies among the ranks of the Inquisition, he also has the support of many local priests who do not approve the rise of bigotry in the Empire. A scholar at heart, Umberto likes nothing more than a new book to read, a new road to walk and Elrath’s light to make the world a nicer, brighter place.OffBck

Might and Magic X Edit

Umberto is the abbot of the Church of Elrath (17,20) in Seahaven. He is collecting rare books and sermons on Elrath together with his daughter Luce.


Heroes VI Edit

Umberto is a Cleric.

Might and Magic X Edit

He can heal, lift curses, cure diseases and resurrect for a fee. For 1500 gold he is willing to instruct others in the master level of Light Magic.

Umberto is looking for a special book.


Umberto appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.


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