Ulagan is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and a character in Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Heroes VI Edit

Ulagan is an Orc sailor from the Pao Islands. The sea shanties that he knows could make a fifty-year-old tavern maid turn redder than beets. Fortunately those shanties, sung with much gusto, amused Ulagan's gaolers in the Mines of Baader Chasm. He had been captured and held there by the Duke of Wolf's troops after Gerhart's invasion of the Griffin lands, and the songs helped him escape the worst of the brutal conditions.
When Ulagan was freed by Kraal, the great Orc of the Whitespear clan whom he had accompanied five several earlier, the first thing he did was head to the coast, where he stole a small dhow and immediately set sail for the Pao Islands. Sadly, when he arrived, he found his homelands under siege from Necromancers.
A new shanty he's composing to honor the unwanted guests begins: 'Oh, I once came home to find the Undead in my bed!'

Might and Magic X Edit

Ulagan can be found on the quays (15,10) in The Crag.


Heroes VI Edit

Ulagan is an Shaman.


Tutorial CampaignEdit

The Emperor's Will: Ulagan is willing to kill Gerhart's nephew, unless Slava captures the Haven forts and drives Wolf troops.

Sanctuary CampaignEdit

The Blood-Dimmed Tide: Ulagan will follow Irina if she is a Flood Conjurer.

Might and Magic X Edit

He will allow Hunters to advance to Marauder class, if you can help him with something personal.


  • He appears in The Emperor's Will as a character (not a hero).
  • His character model is a mauler.
  • Ruqav will replace him in The Blood-Dimmed Tide if Irina is a Tide Master.


Ulagan appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.

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