Ufretin is a male dwarf Ranger and Lord seen in Heroes III and IV.

He plays an important part in the story of The Sword of Frost, the eighth part of Heroes Chronicles.

Background Edit

Heroes III Edit

It is unusual to see a Dwarven Ranger, but for Ufretin the skills came naturally. He has become an icon to the surface-dwelling dwarven population, and a natural born leader among all dwarvenkind.OffBck

Heroes IV Edit

Ufretin was key in convincing the dwarves to leave the leadership of the haughty and chaotic elves and seek a more organized life. Now that he is getting on in years, Ufretin has taken up the role of spokesman for his people although he probably hasn't given up adventuring yet. There's a lot of gold to be found out there.OffBck

The Sword of Frost Edit

Ufretin was a good friend of Gelu, and followed the elf on his quest to find and destroy the Sword of Frost. Fearing that their quest would doom the world, Tarnum followed Gelu's army to Vori to stop them by any means necessary. Neez and Kilkik, Tarnum's beholder advisors, suggested that he should take the dwarf prisoner to slow Gelu down and learn some information. When Ufretin decided to ambush the Nighon army following Gelu, Tarnum managed to defeat him and take him prisoner.

When Tarnum tried to get information from his prisoner, Ufretin recognized him as Tarnum Dragonfriend, a hero of the elves. Tarnum asked him to help him stop Gelu, but since he was leading a Nighon army, Ufretin called him a traitor and refused to speak with him. Unable to get through to him, Tarnum told him about his own immortality, and when Ufretin called him a fool, Tarnum plunged his dagger deep into his own heart. Before the dwarf's shocked eyes, he then stood back up as if nothing as happened, and the next day, the wound was gone. Tarnum then told Ufretin his story.

When the dwarf still wouldn't talk to him, Tarnum set him free and took him most of the way back to his own camp, but before he rode off, Ufretin told him that Gelu was seeking the hidden City of Volee.

Some time later, Tarnum was dealing with the barbarian Kija, who sought the sword for her own ends, when he came across Ufretin hiding in a seer's hut. He'd been convinced by Tarnum's words and had tried to talk Gelu into going back, but had been unsuccessful. When Gelu had used the Ring of Infinite Gems to open the path to Volee, Ufretin had stolen it from him and tried to take it to Tarnum, so that he could follow him. But when Kija found him, he had to hide in the tree until Tarnum rescued him.

With the Ring, Tarnum was able to follow Gelu to Volee and stop him from reaching the sword. Sadly, while Tarnum fought against Gelu and the defenders of Volee, Kija managed to sneak past and steal the sword.

Gameplay Edit

Heroes III Edit

Ufretin is a ranger. He starts with basic Resistance and Luck.

Hero Trait
DwarfH3 specialty Dwarves
Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Dwarves or Battle Dwarves for each level attained after 2nd level.OffBck

Heroes IV Edit

Ufretin is a lord.

Scenarios Edit

The Sword of Frost Edit

  • The Capture: Tarnum must defeat Ufretin to take him prisoner and win the scenario.


Ufretin appears in Heroes of Might and Magic III and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

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