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Tynan is a hero of the Inferno faction in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Tynan was born a large and healthy baby to farmers of the Stag Duchy who had immigrated to escape the wars of consolidation during the founding of the Falcon Empire. His parents succumbed to the great famine in the year 12 YSD, but the child was taken in by a local Baron and raised as a servant in his household. Tynan was incredibly tall and strong, and assumed to be dimwitted because of his lumbering gait and amiable manners. During the Wars of Fire when the Demons seized the opportunity to invade the weakened realms of Ashan, recovering from the Elder Wars, Tynan had become an unremarkable bodyguard who followed the baron like a sheepdog following a farmer. During a formal visit to the Duke of Unicorn, Tynan surprised everyone by crushing the Duke's head against a stone table. A Demon Prince who had grown rather fond of his brilliant spy and extremely clever confidant had Tynan reincarnated after his subsequent execution in the form of a handsome incubus. Tynan has remained loyal to him since... though no one knows precisely which Prince he serves or how he was initially recruited.OffBck


Tynan is a Magic hero of the Inferno faction.


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