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Troops make up your army that you use to fight enemies. You can purchase troops from many merchants, shops, or individuals throughout the islands.

Troop composition[]

You may have up to 5 troops, (or groups of soldiers) in your army. Within a troop there can only be one type of identical soldiers or creatures. Other troops can have other types of soldiers, and it is possible to have two or more troops with the same type of soldiers.

The quantity of creatures (solders) per troop are limited by your leadership rank and the leadership rank of the selected troop type. The combined (summed) leadership rank of one troop cannot exceed your own leadership rank. For example, level one Peasant soldiers have a leadership rank of 5 each. If you have a leadership rank of 420, you can have up to 84 Peasants in each troop (84 x 5 = 420).


Each type of soldier has different characteristics. These characteristics determine their tactical advantages and disadvantages.


Each troop type has one of various political alignments or allegiances. Three possibilities are: Human, Neutral, and Demon


A creature's level is the general power ranking of the soldier.


Determines the creature's ability to inflict damage on the enemy. If the aggressor's Attack is higher than the target's Defense, then the aggressor inflicts more damage.


Determines the creature's ability to defend itself from enemy attacks.If the aggressor's Attack is lower than the target's Defense, then the aggressor inflicts less damage.


Reflects the troop's speed in combat. The higher the initiative, the faster the troop acts, outstripping the enemy troops with lower levels of initiative.


Indicates the number of action points which the user spends on movement and use of their abilities.


The chance of a critical hit which causes 150% of the creature's maximum damage.


Indicates the amount of damage the creature inflicts with its basic attack. The archer's basic attack is a ranged attack - they only inflict half as much damage with their melee attack.


Shows the current health of the representative creature in the troop. When it reaches zero during combat, one soldier in the troop dies, and the Health wraps around to the creature's maximum health number if there are more soldiers in the troop. One powerful attack can cause the target's Health to cycle around several times, killing several soldiers in the troop.


A creature's talents are special skills you can activate during combat. Talents generally have have a limit of how many times you can activate them during a battle, or how many combat turns you must wait before activating it again.


A creatures abilities are special traits that can be like talents or characteristics, that are always active.

List of troop types[]

This is a incomplete list of troop types by race that will hopefully be complete over time.


Type Level Leadership Attack Defense Initiative Speed Crit Damage Health
Peasant 1 5 1 1 3 2 10% 1-2 (Physical) 6
Swordsman 2 35 10 16 3 3 8% 4-5 (Physical) 35
Bowman 2 50 16 10 4 2 10% 3-4 (Physical) 34
Priest 2 50 10 10 4 2 5% 2-4 (Magic) 32
Inquisitor 3 100 16 16 5 2 10% 5-7 (Magic) 70


Type Level Leadership Attack Defense Initiative Speed Crit Damage Health
Thorn warrior 1 8 4 3 6 3 12% 1-3 (Physical) 9
Thorn hunter 1 8 4 1 2 3 5% 1-2 (Physical) 6
Lake dragonfly 1 9 3 1 6 4 12% 1-3 (Poison) 7
Devilfish 1 12 6 4 7 3 30% 1-3 (Physical) 10
Swamp snake 2 28 12 8 4 2 12% 3-5 (Poison) 28