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"A secret slit in the back of my tent parted and a massive, black Minotaur King stepped inside. He had to bow his great head to avoid tearing the ceiling of my tent.

"Kilkik, meet Trongar, my new bodyguard. I hired him last night," I said.

Kilkik studied the Minotaur for a long time, realizing now that I was twice as powerful as before.

Trongar was a large minotaur king appearing in The Sword of Frost, the eighth part of Heroes Chronicles. He acted as Tarnum's bodyguard.

When Tarnum took control of Nighon's armies to use them to stop Gelu from finding the Sword of Frost, he ended up with the beholders Neez, Kilkik and Zarm as his advisors and guards. After Zarm was killed in combat, Neez and Kilkik continued to serve him for a while, but they were cruel and sadistic, and lost their respect for him when they saw how reluctant he was to kill or torture his other soldiers. When Tarnum realized that his advisors were becoming more dangerous than useful, he hired the minotaur Trongar to aid him.

Trongar arranged for Neez to be killed in an ambush, slain by medusas using elven arrows to make it look like the enemy had killed him instead. When Kilkik entered Tarnum's tent with a menacing look on his face, Tarnum introduced him to his new bodyguard. Kilkik was still dangerous, but since he had lost his strongest ally, and Tarnum had gained a new one, it would take the beholder some time to regain his power.

Trongar was very practical in his thinking. When Zallisa, the leader of the medusas, pointed out that the enemy barbarians could use the tunnels around them to create ambushes, the minotaur shrugged. "Hit them hard enough, and those tunnels won't matter."

Unlike many of the others in Tarnum's army, Trongar wasn't chiefly motivated by cruelty or a hunger for power, but by simple greed. Tarnum knew that he could trust his bodyguard, since his desire for wealth was very predictable.

When Kija, Tarnum's barbarian enemy, offered him all the gold in Vori if he could get her the Sword of Frost, and Tarnum declined, Trongar grew deeply suspicious. "Why did you do that? That's more wealth than I can imagine." Tarnum told him that if he had the Sword of Frost, he could just take it all for himself anyway, and that Kija was probably thinking the same thing - she'd give them the gold, get the Sword, then take it all back.

It is unknown what happened to Trongar after Tarnum captured Volee and Kija stole the sword, and whether he survived the Reckoning or not.

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