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The Tribal Lands is the nation of the Stronghold in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

The Tribal Lands was founded by the young Barbarian Waerjak, with the aid of his foster father Tarnum. After the Reckoning, and the escape from Enroth, the pair noticed that the refugees from Krewlod kept on warring amongst themselves, pushing the Barbarian people to the brink of destruction. Uniting their people with a mixture of diplomacy and honorable combat, they managed to form a nation.

Waerjak was crowned king by the eldest representative of the tribes, and then defeated the warlords Hundric and Vogel Backbreaker, the last two Barbarian leaders that opposed him. As the leader of the new Barbarian nation, he led his people to prosperity.

The Tribal Lands
Heroes and benefactors
Daeric · Hundric · Tarnum · Vogel Backbreaker · Waerjak · Wulgar
Notable territories and cities
Boar's Horn · Clomden
Relevant terms
Ancients · Barbarian · Behemoth · Berserker · Centaur · Combat · Cyclops · Harpy · Nomad · Ogre mage
Relevant games
Heroes of Might and Magic IV