Tournament ticket

Tournament ticket, a currency needed to pay to enter a tournament.

Tournament DoC

Tournament icon.

The tournament is a series of duels in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. They are available to the player if they reach Squire level by having competitive battles against others. To enter the tournament, the player needs to pay a tournament ticket.

There are three kinds of tournaments:

  • Jackpot: players fight against each other with a similar ELO tournament level. A player cam battle as much as they want. Once they reach ELO level 300, they can fight against players they challenged before. A part of the gold won through battles is added to the jackpot. Once the tournament ends, the player with most ELO is awarded the jackpot. The other prize is a box of packs.
  • Swiss: players fight against each other in groups of eight. The player chooses a deck to play, but they may not change it. Each player has three rounds to play against their opponents, with each round lasting 7 turns. The prizes are card packs. There are also random opportunities for the player to achieve extra prizes (like cards and banners), but if they quit, the opportunity is lost.
  • Custom: The player can make or join some custom-made tournaments.

When the player has played in all three tournaments at least once, they can find their score in global leaderboard against other players.

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