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Prince Tor Stoneheart is a character in the PS1 version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. He is the younger brother of Dain, and a traitor in the employ of Necros.

Background Edit

Tor was a prince of Corantha, but as the younger of the two brothers, he knew he would not inherit the throne. Hungry for power, he worked with the forces of the Legion of the Fallen to sow discontent among the ironpick caste and thus cause civil unrest in Corantha.

When Drake came to Corantha as Celestia's emissary, he learned that King Aiden had been killed. The dwarves would be unable to aid the Crusaders until the civil unrest had been dealt with, so he went into the ironpick tunnels to deal with them. Here, he observed a conversation between Necros and Tor, and learned that Tor was a traitor. He delivered the news to Dain.

Dain was unable to ascend to his father's throne until he had the Scepter of Regency, but Tor had given it to Necros, who had hidden it among the ogres of Duskwood. Dain asked Drake to retrieve it.

When Drake returned with the scepter, General Martel told him that Aiden's body had disappeared, and that Dain had gone looking for both his father's body and his brother. Drake found all three imprisoned in crystals and guarded by elementals. After defeating the elementals, they saw that Aiden had been raised as a revenant. Tor and Dain fled, leaving Drake to slay the undead king.

Dain later told Drake that he had lost Tor down a lava tube on his way back, and that his fate was unknown.

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