Tor-Berith is a hero in Might and Magic: Heroes VI.


A Demon Lord serving Ur-Traggal, the Overlord of Pain, Tor-Berith is finding that opportunities to inflict suffering are not confined to Sheogh.
Kha-Beleth, a young rouge Arch-Demon, is encroaching on Tor-Berith’s territory, and to the east, Lords serving the Oerlord of Hate are threatening a full-scale invasion.
Tor-Berith doesn’t mind in the least; meeting out injury to t a festering, fire-hardened Demon is an altogether more challenging proposition than causing pain to soft skin.

Tor-Berith is an ambitous demon who took the lands of Legion of Destruction, when Azkaal was imprisoned.


Inferno campaignEdit

Angel, Angel, Burning Bright: Kiril encounters Tor-Berith on his way. Despite he is defeated, Tor-Berith retreated and must be dealt with.


Despite his portrait makes him look like a Chaos Lord, he is a Heretic.

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