Tomb of Varn
The Tomb of VARN is a dungeon located in Dragonsand. The outside is guarded by a small group of dragons. It is the largest of the MMVI dungeons. Similar to a Mayan pyramid on the exterior, the Tomb of VARN is actually a ship used to transport Ancient colonists safely away from the Kreegans and onto Enroth. Having served its original purpose, the Tomb is now home to magical deities and the Guardians of VARN, as well as the last available Control Cube on Enroth's surface.

Dungeon PropertiesEdit

"This pyramid seems to be made of a strange, weathered metal. It appears to be partially buried in the sand"
—Entrance Text


The Tomb's primary monsters are the Soldiers of VARN (defender, sentinel, guardian) who are usually found in large numbers. The Tomb also holds a number of genie-family (genie, djinn, efreet) units, and towards the end, a handful of patrol and enforcer units.


The Reactor Core at the center of the Tomb emits periodic radiation damage when your party approaches the core. The damage continues even after you leave the core's vicinity. To stop radiation damage, the party must enter one of the cleansing pools spread out through the dungeon. Radiation damage can also be absorbed on chance by having a Crystal Skull in your inventory. Multiple Crystal Skulls increase the probability of absorbing radiation.

Control CubeEdit

The Control Cube necessary to gain entrance into the Control Center is found through the Well of VARN located in the center of the Tomb. To gain access to the Well, players must retrieve six codes found within the dungeon that belong to the ships officers (Captain, Communications, Engineer, First Mate, Navigation, and Doctor) and enter them into their respective pools around the Reactor Core.


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