King Tolghar is a character in Heroes of Might and Magic V add-on, Hammers of Fate, and in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.


Heroes VEdit

Though a good man, Tolghar lives in constant fear: fear that he is not good enough for his people; fear that he is not pure enough for his god; fear that he may be taking the wrong decisions; fear that the chaos surrounding his country will eventually affect him. He is easily manipulated by counsellors and kin who have learnt to play his fears like a "bhak-zad" - the Dwarven pipe organ that uses the hot air from lava vents to send bass notes echoing across their great caverns.OffBck

Tolghar was a noble and a skilled fighter. His friend, Hrolf, advised him to participate in the battles to become a king. Tolghar succeeded, but thought he would be a bad king. Hrolf told him that as long as he is honest, he has nothing to worry about.

Tolghar ruled the Stone Halls with his advisor, Hangvul. When Isabel decreed to break the alliance with the dark elves, not long after he went to war to stop the dark elves. Unfortunately, he was forced to brand Wulfstan as a traitor, who with his friends' help, had to defeat Tolghar and kill him.

Trial by FireEdit

Tolghar "Fairhand" Olafsson is a loyal, honest and efficient soldier of the Grimsteel clan. Brave but never bold in the face of the enemy, he`s content to let others claim all the glory. The truth is, Tolghar lacks confidence in his own abilities. There are many who believe he would actually make a good leader for the clan if Haegeir was to meet a bloody end in battle, something that is bound to happen eventually. Tolghar is terrified at the prospect, but knows he would never have the guts to refuse such an offer.OffBck


Heroes VEdit

Tolghar is a Runemage.


Hero Trait
H5SpecKingOfTheStoneHalls King of the Stone Halls
All creatures in hero's army have "Rune of Stunning" effect permanently active (refreshes at the start of creature turn).OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5AdvancedRunelore Advanced Runelore H5GreaterRune Greater Rune


  • Iron Throne: Tolghar, per Hrolf's advice, goes to the fight to become the king.
Wulfstan's DefianceEdit
  • The Guerrillas: Tolghar receives the report about Wulfstan from Rolf and an offer from Queen Isabel herself.
Ylaya's QuestEdit
  • The Break: Tolghar, despite Rolf's and Hangvul's advices, goes personally to aid the troops in the war.
  • The Decoupling: Tolghar guards Tor Hrall and it is necessary to attack him.

Trial by FireEdit

Tolghar is a Thane.


Hero Trait
Plenipotentiary Plenipotentiary
The hero starts with the Diplomacy skill on novice rank and the Necessary Alliance ability.OffBck


Tolghar appears in Heroes of Might and Magic V add-on, Hammers of Fate, and in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.


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