Toghrul is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Toghrul is a former Orc Shaman who has sold his soul to the Lords of Sheogh.
He has but one aim in life – to destroy the House of Griffin – and he still feels this burning desire just as fiercely as the day he witnessed the massacre of his tribe by Duke Pavel of Griffin. Sick or wounded, elder or child, not a single Orc except Toghrul survived the slaughter.
Consumed with rage, Toghrul opened a gate to Sheogh and called for the Demons – traditionally the Orcs’ most bitter enemies – to avenge his tribe’s death.
The Demon Prince Ahribban took up Toghrul’s cause with partial success: Pavel was killed, but his young son, Slava, survived the onslaught.
This didn’t satisfy Toghrul, and to this day he will do anything to achieve vengeance.


Heroes VIEdit

Toghrul is a Warlock.


Tutorial CampaignEdit
  • Griffin Bane: Toghrul holds the Mausoleum and Slava must defeat him.
Inferno CampaignEdit

Duel of ChampionsEdit

Main article: Toghrul (card)

Masfar appears as a hero card. He is the leader of the Stronghold faction.



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