Events canonically known to have occurred in the timeline of the Ashan universe are listed and referenced below. The timeline utilizes Years of Seventh Dragon calendar.

Mythic Age[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
Unknown Cosmic Egg and the Primordial Dragons The Cosmic Egg appears in the Void - from it, two Dragons, the Primordial Twins are hatched - Asha, the Dragon of Order and Urgash, the Dragon of Chaos. Void
Unknown Colors of Magic and Creation of Ashan Asha identifies six types of Magic flowing amidst the Void - Darkness, Light, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. She decides to use them to shape the world. Unknown
Unknown Elemental Dragons Asha gives birth to six Elemental Dragons, manifestations of the colors of Magic - Malassa of Darkness, Elrath of Light, Sylanna of Earth, Arkath of Fire, Shalassa of Water and Ylath of Air. Unknown
Unknown Creation of the Elder Races Ashan
Unknown Creation of Demons Unknown
Unknown Wars of Creation Ashan

Ancient Age[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
Unknown Creation of the Shantiri Empire Ashan
Unknown Demon-Angel war Ashan
Unknown Elder Wars A massive conflict erupts between the Angels and the Faceless, destroying the Shantiri Empire. Ashan

Historical Age[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
0 YSD Revelation of the Seventh Dragon Sar-Elam reaches the conscience of Asha. Asha enlightens him and he becomes the Seventh Dragon. He forces the Angels and the Faceless to sign the Twilight Covenant to end the war and prevent the event from recurring. Ashan
3 YSD Birth of the Falcon Empire Falcon the Great unifies the human tribes of the plains to form the Falcon Empire. Falcon Empire
25 YSD Birth of the Griffin Duchy Ishtvan Griffin, a court knight to Ronan Falcon and his Empire, is awarded the title of Duke and founds the Griffin Duchy. Falcon Empire
28-40 YSD Demon invasion – Wars of Fire Demons invade Ashan and kill most of the Angels. The survivors travel to the Falcon Empire and begin its conversion to Elrath. Sar-Elam sacrifices himself to seal the Demons in Sheogh. Ashan
48 YSD Falcon Empire becomes the 'Holy Falcon Empire' Brian Falcon becomes Emperor and gives absolute power to the Church of Elrath. The kingdom is renamed the "Holy Falcon Empire". Duke Ishtvan Griffin is assassinated in his sleep Holy Falcon Empire
50–260 YSD Years of Healing: Creation of Irollan The destruction of the forests caused by the Demons causes the elves to unite to heal the forests. The elves form the faction of Irollan. Irollan
62 YSD Schism of Seven The Seven followers of Sar-Elam cannot decide on how to follow his teachings and disband, going each their own way. Seven Cities
67 YSD Prophecy of the Demon Messiah Shar-hazzar gives the prophecy of the Demon Messiah, who will be born of a human and a Demon, and have the power to free the Demons from their prison. Seven Cities
74 YSD Death of Sar-Shazzar Sar-Shazzar dies in his sleep; when mages attempt to move his body to the Necropolis it crumbles to ashes.[1] Seven Cities
104 YSD Dragon Knights become a Secret Order The Dragon Knights retreat to their secret hideouts upon the will of their dying mentor, Sar-Badon. Ashan

First Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
330-336 YSD War of the Blood Moon A total lunar eclipse weakens the walls of Sheogh and frees the Demons, allowing them to invade Ashan. Ashan
335 YSD Creation of Orcs To combat the unexpected Demon incursion, the wizards create the Orcs from humans infused with Demon blood. With the Orcs, the Demons are driven back into their prison. Seven Cities
344 YSD Creation of Beastmen Mages in the Seven Cities createrakshasas, centaurs, minotaurs and other beastmen.[2] Seven Cities
400s YSD The Magical Plague A mysterious plague ravages the lands of the Seven Cities, specifically killing wizards. Vein loses his entire family. Seven Cities
444 YSD Birth of Sandro The strongest Necromancer ever to be is born. Bull Duchy
461 YSD Discovery of Necromancy Belketh, a mage from the Seven Cities, discovers the art of Necromancy and begins to teach it to his followers.[1] Seven Cities
467-470 YSD Revolt of the Beastmen The Beastmen and the Orcs revolt against their human masters. Seven Cities / Holy Falcon Empire
470-504 YSD Orc Crusades The wizards and Knights attempt to crush the rebellion, and the orcs flee. Some of them settle in the Pao Islands. Seven Cities / Holy Falcon Empire
470 YSD Independence of Hammer Fall City of Hammer Fall gains its independence from Falcon Empire after Tomas Wolf and Ymoril Redshield defeats Imperial armada under the lead of Serguei Griffin.[3] Hammer Fall
479 YSD Creation of Constructs Seven Cities
505 YSD Discovery of Mother Namtaru The Mother Namtaru is discovered by the Necromancers. Sandro is banished from practicing Necromancy for his revolt against the newly formed Cult. Seven Cities
512 YSD Birth of Crag Hack Ashan
528 YSD Tuidhana's Secession Arniel, the High King of Irollan, usurps the authority of the local elf kings to centralize power. The minor elven queen Tuidhana refuses to bow to him and keeps possession of her lands. Irollan / Tarlad
540-548 YSD War of the Bitter Ashes War between Elves and Holy Falcon Empire gave birth to Dark Elves[4] Tarlad
548 YSD Peace of New Spring An uneasy peace is maintained between the elves and the dark elves. Tarlad

Second Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
564 YSD Second Eclipse – Rise of the Demon Sovereign Second Bloodmoon Eclipse came. The demon horde rises from Sheogh.[5] Ashan
565 YSD Order of the Void Sandro resurfaces after sixty years of his banishment Ashan
566 YSD Day of the Tears of Fire A great fire destroys the elven capital Brythigga and kills high king Arniel.[6] The Dark Elves are blamed and expelled from Irollan. Their leader Tuidhana is killed.[7] Irollan
568 YSD Battle at the Farwind Island Dark Elf leader Eruina defeats the forces of the rogue Dark Elf Sinitar, the treacherous human Rutger and the Elf Talanar at Farwind Island.[7] Holy Falcon Empire
575 YSD Crisis in Karthal Band of Raiders comes into Sorpigal by the Sea on Agyn Peninsula. Holy Falcon Empire / Agyn Peninsula
586-702 YSD War under the Mountains Fighting ensues between the Dark Elves and the Dwarves over the underground. The Dark Elves are eventually driven back. Ygg-Chall / Grimheim
610-660 YSD Rise of the Necromancers Enmities arise between Wizards and Necromancers, leading to 50 years of hostility. Seven Cities
660 YSD Reoccurrence of the Magical Plague The Magical Plague returns, this time triggering all the Necromancers turned Undead after the discovery of the Mother Namtaru. Vein, a survivor of the original plague, is sent to investigate its source. Seven Cities

Third Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
717 YSD Third Eclipse – Dragon Hunt Ashan
751-770 YSD Purge of the Necromancers Mages from the Seven Cities try to expel the Necromancers. A civil war is unleashed in which the Necromancers are valiantly defeated.[1] Seven Cities
756 YSD Death of Vaniel Vaniel, high king of the Elves, dies and is succeeded by Alaron.[6] Irollan
771 YSD Fall of the Seven Cities Necromancers found Heresh. Mages found the Silver League, where Necromancy is indefinitely forbidden. Silver Cities
813-822 YSD War of the Broken Staff War between Heresh's leader Belketh and the Silver Cities ends with Belketh's defeat.[8] Heresh
820 YSD Death of Zoltan Maahir, a mage from Silver Cities, defeats and kills the necromancer Zoltan, right hand of Belketh.[8] Heresh
822 YSD Death of Belketh Belketh, the leader of the necromancers of Heresh, is killed by mages from the Silver Cities.[8] Heresh

Fourth Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
843 YSD Fourth Eclipse – Falcon's Last Flight Demons, led by Jezebeth, invade the Holy Falcon Empire. Empress Maeve is slain and the royal family is massacred, the only survivor being Brendan Falcon. Holy Falcon Empire
845-853 YSD Civil War in the Falcon Empire Civil war erupts as royal families contest for the Empire's throne. Holy Falcon Empire
853 YSD Rise of the Griffin Duke Ivan Griffin establishes his rule over the renamed Holy Griffin Empire. Holy Griffin Empire
929 YSD Azh Rafir and the Blade of Binding The wizard Azh Rafir allows Demons to roam upon Ashan. Ultimately, his daughter Nadia uses the power of the Blade of Binding, an artifact with the power to control Demons, to prevent the Blood Moon from occurring. Ashan
Unknown Death of Sandro Archmage Cyrus, united in purpose with Emperor Oleg of the Griffin Empire, lays a siege on Lorekeep and destroys Sandro. Lorekeep

Fifth Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
951 YSD War of the Gray Alliance The elves, led by High King Alaron, the knights, led by King Alexei, and the wizards, led by Archmage Cyrus, attack the Demon Sovereign in Sheogh. Alaron and Cyrus refuse to help Alexei fight the Sovereign, so Alexei goes in alone and is killed. Ashan

Sixth Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Date Event Overview Locations
969 YSD Sixth Eclipse – Queen Isabel's War Fighting occurs between the factions of Ashan and the Demons, who fight over Queen Isabel of the Holy Empire. Isabel is captured by the Demons and forced to mother the Demon Messiah, Sareth. Ashan
969-973 YSD Civil War in the Griffin Empire Biara, posing as the false Queen Isabel, and her Red Church conflict against the forces of Freyda Unicorn, the real Isabel, and their allies. Upon defeat of the demons, Isabel abdicates in favour of Freyda, forming the Holy Unicorn Empire. Holy Griffin Empire
972 YSD Rise of Arantir Death Lord Arantir unites Heresh and begins his quest to stop the Prophecy of the Demon Messiah.[6] Heresh
989 YSD Coming of the Demon Messiah Stonehelm

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