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Events canonically known to have occurred in the timeline of the Ancient universe are listed and referenced below. The timeline utilizes Enroth's Before / After the Silence calendar.

Time of Wonders[]

Date Event Overview Locations
Unknown BS: Origin Origin of the Ancients.
Einar and The Wyrdes are born.
Ancient homeworld(s)
Unknown BS: Ancient-Creator conflict begins The war between the Ancients and the Creators begins.[1] Ancient homeworld(s)
The nebulous realm
ca 10000 BS: Birth of Enroth The Elemental Lords create Enroth.[2] Elemental Planes
ca 350 BS: Ancient-Kreegan war initiated From the depths of the Void, the Kreegans launch their attack upon the Empire of the Ancients.[3] Ancient homeworld(s)
Unknown BS: The Crossing The planet of Enroth is colonised by the Ancients via VARN MCMIV.[4][5][6]
Continents Enroth, Jadame and Antagarich are settled.
Enroth (Antagarich, Enroth)
Unknown BS: Colonial Government, Lionheart reign Rise of the Colonial Government and the Empire of Bracaduun.
Rise and fall of the Lionheart dynasty in Antagarich.[7]
Enroth (Antagarich, Enroth)
Unknown BS: Wars on Bracaduun Jarg the Conqueror sunders the Empire of Bracaduun in Antagarich.[8]
Jarg dies. Bracaduun reasserts control over the continent.[9]
Enroth (Antagarich)
ca 100-0 BS: Icon-HCWarlords.png Fall of Bracaduun Births of Tarnum, Gavin Magnus and Rion Gryphonheart.[10][11]
Tarnum's rise. The Wastelanders emancipate Krewlod from Bracaduun and crush the Empire.
Gavin Magnus is slain at the siege of Steelhorn and discovers his immortality.[12]
Magnus and Rion Gryphonheart found Bracada and Erathia respectively. Death and revival of Tarnum.[13][14]
Enroth (Antagarich)
ca 100-0 BS: Icon-HCUnderworld.png Conquest of the Underworld Birth of Allison Gryphonheart.[15][16]
Death of Rion Gryphonheart. Tarnum, Allison Gryphonheart and Mensor invade The Underworld and rescue Rion's soul from Jorm and Duke Deezelisk.[11][17][18]
Enroth (Antagarich)
The Underworld
ca 1-0 BS: Day of Fire Mayor Alan of Aliant activates an Ancient weapon, destroying Vissias and much of southern Enroth to avenge his daughter's murder.[19] Enroth (Enroth)
0: The Silence Contact between the Ancients and the worlds of the Spinward Rim is utterly severed.[19] Ancient homeworld(s)
Spinward Rim

Age of Monsters[]

Date Event Overview Locations
0-100 AS: Enrothian Revolution The Colonial Government is brutally overthrown by Enrothian rebels. Enroth (Enroth)
Unknown AS: Formation of CRON The Elemental Lords battle, creating what is to become a Central Research Observational Nacelle. Elemental Planes
CRON Vehicle
113 AS: Fall of the Forges The last of the Heavenly Forges ceases production. Ancient weapons sharply grow in rarity. Enroth (Enroth)
ca 170s AS Sword of Frost created The Sword of Frost is forged and enshrined in Volee.[20] Enroth
Unknown AS: Foundation of AvLee A younger generation of Snow Elves led by Elvólas depart Vori against their elders' orders and settle in northern Antagarich, eventually founding the kingdom of AvLee.[21] Enroth (Antagarich)
Unknown AS: Foundation of Deyja A Bracadan cult practicing Necromancy is deemed deeply blasphemous and exiled.[22]
The cult settles in southern AvLee, and evolves into the kingdom of Deyja.[22]
Enroth (Antagarich)
Unknown AS: Jadame settled The VARN-ferried races from Enroth and Antagarich settle Jadame.[23] Enroth (Jadame)
342 AS: Rise of the Amberlian Empire The Amberlian Empire rises to power in southern Jadame. Enroth (Jadame)
ca 428 AS: Discovery of Light and Dark magic Terrax discovers Light and Dark magic and further develops the Elemental schools of magic. Enroth (Jadame)
Unknown AS: Icon-HCBeastmasters.png Revolt of the Beastmasters Tarnum leads the Mudlanders in a revolt against Erathian slavemasters.
The Mudlands are unified into the nation of Tatalia. Droglo becomes King.
Mad King Gryphonheart is slain. Niven Gryphonheart succeeds the throne.
Enroth (Antagarich)
Unknown AS: Icon-HCElements.png War of the Elements The Elemental Lords launch an attack on Enroth.
Tarnum leads a Bracadan expedition into the Elemental Planes, discovering the Plane of Magic.
Gavin Magnus, Tarnum and The First succeed in repelling the Confluxes.
Elemental Planes
Enroth (Antagarich)
Unknown AS: Icon-HCTree.pngIcon-HCMoon.png War of the Ancestors The Ancestor Vorr is corrupted by worshippers in Krewlod, and allies with the conquerors of The Fiery Moon.
The Followers of Vorr attack the World Tree. Targor is slain.
Xyron and Vorr are defeated upon the Fiery Moon. Vorr is cured of his madness.
Enroth (Antagarich)
499 AS: Construction of Celeste Celeste, the Bracadan capitol, is constructed in the Bracada Highlands.[24] Enroth (Antagarich)
500s AS: Rise of the Regnan Empire Regna Island is scourged of its native Trolls by the warlord Hareck the First.
Hareck and his sea raiders establish the Empire of the Endless Ocean.
The Trolls find a new home in the Jadame Murmurwoods.
Enroth (Jadame)
550-800 AS: Witches' Guild formed The Witches' Guild rises to prominence. Enroth (Antagarich, Enroth)
589 AS: Birth of Thorn III Birth of Thorn III, last of the Amberlian Emperors. Enroth (Jadame)
590 AS: Death of Hareck Hareck the First is poisoned by his wife Charele and dies.[25] Enroth (Jadame)
621 AS: Fall of the Amberlians The Amberlian Empire crumbles. Thorn III constructs the Vault of Time. Enroth (Jadame)
633 AS: Death of Thorn III Thorn III dies in unclear circumstances. Enroth (Jadame)
646-789 AS: Timber Wars Erathian King David Gryphonheart IV expands beyond Phynaxia and into Elven forestlands, inciting anger from AvLee.[26]
A devastating war is declared which lasts for almost fifteen decades and results in the Contested Lands.[26]
Enroth (Antagarich)
689-692 AS: Foundation of Harmondale Erathians found Harmondale and construct Castle Harmondale.[27]
Harmondale falls to an Elven attack.[27]
Enroth (Antagarich)
744 AS: Ruler's Ring created Joshua Stom fashions the Ruler's Ring.[28] Enroth (Antagarich)
ca. 780-800 AS: End of the Age of Monsters Mekorig the Blind forges innumerable artifacts of power to help end the Age of Monsters and promote the age of Man. Enroth
790 AS: Foundation of Phynaxia The Empire of Phynax is founded.[29] Enroth (Antagarich)

Age of Man[]

Date Event Overview Locations
816-817 AS: Skirmishes for Harmondale Death of Danforth Octavio. Ty Vespin becomes King of Harmondale.
Aaron Gryphonheart IV attacks Harmondale. Death of Ty Vespin.
Harmondale recaptured by AvLee.
Enroth (Antagarich)
ca 850 AS: Warlocks forge daggers Mage Daggers are forged by the Alamos Warlocks. Enroth (Enroth)
864 AS: Fall of Phynaxia An Elven offensive wipes the Phynaxian Empire from the face of Enroth.[29] Enroth (Antagarich)
870-881 AS: Taledon X reigns Taledon X begins his reign over the Church of the Sun.[30]
Taledon is accidentally killed while crossing the street in Steadwick.[30]
ca 900s AS: War of Dove and Crow The Churches of the Sun and Moon wage war in Jadame.
Derico renders the Church of the Sun victorious.
Camien Thryce leads an attack on Shadowspire and is slain.
Enroth (Jadame)
902 AS: Battle of Shimengard The battle of Shimengard takes place. Thor is lost. Enroth
912-918 AS: Archers' Guild falls The Archers' Guildhall is suspiciously burned to the ground.
Percival is sold to the Elves.
Enroth (Enroth)
ca 969 AS: Battle for Morning Humans and Elves launch a joint attack on the Assassins' Guild.[31] Enroth (Antagarich)
1000s AS: Zacharia's rise Zacharia rises to power in Jadame.
Gem and Sandro are born.[32]
Enroth (Enroth, Jadame)
Unknown AS: Kalohn battles the Megadragon Acwalander creates the Megadragon.
Unaltered timeline: Kalohn and the Megadragon destroy one another, creating the Quagmire of Doom.
Altered timeline: Kalohn and the Cron Adventurers battle the Megadragon and prevail.
CRON Vehicle
1008-1009 AS: Harmondale changes hands Terrence Rockwin II seizes Harmondale.
Harmondale is eventually recaptured by Erathia.
Enroth (Antagarich)
1018 AS: Igraine created Lord Solomon Stone commissions the ring Igraine. Enroth (Enroth)
1073-1083 AS: The Holy War Leopold VII declares war on the Church of the Moon.
The Church of the Sun falls.[33]
ca 1075 AS: Battle of Shadowspire Shadowspire is again invaded by the Church of the Sun.
Zacharia is eradicated.
Enroth (Jadame)
1110 AS: Birth of Nicolas Nicolas Gryphonheart is born.[34] Enroth (Antagarich)
ca 1110s-1120s AS: Icon-H1.png First War of Enrothian Succession Morglin Ironfist arrives on Enroth.
The Kingdom of Enroth is founded. Castle Ironfist is constructed.
Lord Alamar is defeated and Castle Alamar levelled.
Enroth (Enroth)
ca 1127-1129 AS: Birth of the Heirs Archibald and Roland Ironfist are born.[35] Enroth (Enroth)
1133 AS: Birth of Catherine Nicolas Gryphonheart and Gwenllian are married.[36]
June: Catherine Gryphonheart is born.[36]
Enroth (Antagarich)
1140s AS: Birth of Gelu Gelu is born.[37] Enroth
1141 AS: Birth of Beatrice Milton is born.[38]
June: Beatrice Gryphonheart is born.[36]
Enroth (Antagarich)
1145 AS: Erathia-Tatalia treaty Nicolas Gryphonheart signs a treaty with the Tatalian Leaders to cease hostilities. Enroth (Antagarich)
ca 1149 AS: Birth of Dracon Dracon is born.[39] Enroth (Antagarich)
1150-1155 AS: Catherine's Tour of Duty Catherine Gryphonheart becomes a Talon Brigade captain.[36]
June: Connel Traxton is slain.[36]
Morgan Kendal discovers and raises Gelu.[37][40]
Kilgor is born.
Enroth (Antagarich)
1151 AS: Birth of Lysander Lysander is born.[41] Enroth (Antagarich)
1153 AS: Gryphonhearts slain Gwenllian and Beatrice Gryphonheart are slain by marauders.[36] Enroth (Antagarich)
1151-1154 AS: Icon-H2.png Second War of Enrothian Succession Morglin Ironfist dies. Archibald Ironfist becomes King of Enroth. Melian is damaged.[35][42]
Roland Ironfist, The Commander, Lord Haart, Erik von Stromgard, Anthony Stone and Albert Newton lead a rebellion.[35][43][44][45]
Archibald is defeated. Tanir turns Archibald to stone. Roland assumes the throne.[36]
Enroth (Enroth)
1154 AS: Roland and Catherine marry August 1: Roland Ironfist and Catherine Gryphonheart marry.[36] Enroth (Antagarich, Enroth)
1155 AS: Icon-H3X2.png Birth of Nicolai Gem arrives in Antagarich and begins defending the Contested Lands.[46]
ca August 1: Nicolai Ironfist is born.[36]
Enroth (Antagarich, Enroth)
ca 1155-1161 AS: Icon-H3X2.png Sandro's arrival Lord Haart, Crag Hack and Sandro arrive in Antagarich.
Sandro tricks Crag Hack and Gem into obtaining unholy artifacts.
Lord Falorel is slain. Vayarad replaces Lord Falorel.
Enroth (Antagarich)
1160s AS: Icon-H3X1.png Mutare's reign Mutare rises to power in Nighon.
Mutare becomes Mutare Drake. Death of Ordwald.
Enroth (Antagarich)
ca 1160 AS: Icon-H3X2.png Campaign for the Elixir Gelu, Tarnum and Dracon graduate from the Forest Guard.[39][47][48]
Gelu obtains the Elixir of Life. Sandro poisons Vayarad.[49][50]
Enroth (Antagarich)
ca 1160-1164 AS: Icon-H3X2.png War of the Unholy Alliance Duke Alarice and Lord Fayette are eradicated. Finneas Vilmar is crowned king of Deyja.
Sandro invades Erathia. Caleb is slain. Yog, Gem, Crag Hack, Gelu and Nicolas Gryphonheart defeat Sandro.
The Angelic Alliance is scattered. Gelu becomes commander of the Forest Guard.
Enroth (Antagarich)
1161 AS: Death of Lord Kilburn Lord Kilburn is slain by Werewolves at Blackshire. Enroth (Enroth)
1162 AS: Night of Shooting Stars January: The Kreegans attack Enroth. Paradise Valley and Eeofol are conquered.
Edenbrook and Kriegspire are seized by the Kreegans and the Cult of Baa established. Xarfax is captured.
August: Roland Ironfist and Tanir are captured at Kriegspire.
1163 AS: Kreegan offensive The Kreegans attack the Contested Lands, Erathia and AvLee.[51]
The Dungeon Overlords defeat and subdue the Kreegan attackers.[51]
Enroth (Antagarich)
1164 AS: Icon-H3X2.pngIcon-H3X1.png Death of Nicolas Sandro forges an alliance between Nighon, Vilmar and Xenofex. Stone City is invaded.
September 27: Lord Haart poisons Nicolas Gryphonheart.
Enroth (Antagarich)
1164-1165 AS: Icon-H3.png Restoration Wars begin ca 11 January: Catherine sails to Antagarich. Wilbur Humphrey is given regency of Enroth.[52]
Sir Christian rescued. Catherine and The Commander land at Rionpoint.
Nighon captures Steadwick. Tatalia attacks Krewlod. Catherine and Gavin Magnus liberate Steadwick.
Nicolas Gryphonheart is reanimated. Finneas Vilmar is eradicated.
Enroth (Antagarich)
1165 AS: Icon-MM6.png Destruction of the Hive Four adventurers embark on a quest to revive Melian and purge the Kreegans.
June 11: Archibald Ironfist's curse is lifted.[52]
Agar, Corlagon and Ethric the Mad are eradicated. Slicker Silvertongue and The Queen are slain.
The Kreegan Hive-Ship is sealed via the Ritual of the Void and destroyed.
Enroth (Enroth)
ca 1166 AS: Terrans arrive The Ultimate Adventurers of Terra arrive in the Lincoln.[53]
The Lincoln is hidden and secured in the shoals at Brighton Point.[53][54]
Enroth (Antagarich)
Terra - ca 500
1167 AS: Icon-H3.png Archibald sails to Antagarich ca 23 October: Archibald Ironfist sails to Antagarich.[52]
Archibald, with Faruk Welnin and Ryland, incites a war for independence in the Contested Lands.[52]
Enroth (Enroth)
1168 AS: Icon-H3.png Restoration Wars end ca 5 August: Lord Haart is slain. Nicolas Gryphonheart is eradicated. Archibald becomes king of Deyja.[52] Enroth (Enroth)
1169 AS: Icon-MM7.png Occult War Four adventurers become the Lords of Harmondale. Judge Gray is killed.
Archibald is deposed by Kastore. Roland Ironfist is rescued from Colony Zod. Xenofex is slain.[55][56]
Gavin Magnus, Resurrectra and their allies successfully revive The Gate.[57]
ca 1170 AS: Reanimation of Lord Haart Lord Haart is reanimated by the surviving members of his necromantic cult.
Shadowspire replaces Moulder as the Necromantic Order's headquarters.[58]
Sandro and Thant succeed Archibald as the Order's guildmasters.
Enroth (Antagarich)
1171 AS: Icon-H3X1.png Demon Wars Erathia invades Kreegan Eeofol. Khazandar forges Armageddon's Blade. Death of Khazandar.
Lord Haart invades Tatalia but is eradicated by Adrienne. Kilgor slays Duke Boragus and becomes king of Krewlod.
Lucifer Kreegan is slain by Gelu. The Kreegans flee Enroth. Catherine abdicates.
1172 AS: Icon-MM8.png Night of the Crystal Escaton attempts to destroy Enroth. Balthazar Lair is flooded. Rust is immolated.
Regna attacks Dagger Wound. A band of adventurers release the captive Elemental Lords.
Destruction of Escaton. The Ironfists return to Enroth.
Elemental Planes
Enroth (Jadame)
Plane Between Planes
ca 1172-1174 AS: Icon-HCSword.png Race for the Sword of Frost Mutual rivals Gelu, Kija and Tarnum dramatically invade Vori, seeking to claim the Sword of Frost in Vori.
Kija succeeds in obtaining the Sword, and returns it to her husband Kilgor in Krewlod.
Enroth (Antagarich)
ca 1173-1175 AS: Icon-HCDragons.png Clash of the Dragons Spring: The Good Dragons depart AvLee. Mutare Drake invades eastern and northeastern Antagarich.
Tarnum, Eldrich Parson and King of Erathia defend AvLee. Deaths of Aspen and Kurbon.
Enroth (Antagarich)
1177 AS: Icon-H4.png Reckoning AvLee and Krewlod wage war. Eldrich Parson is slain in battle against Kilgor.
Gelu and Kilgor meet in battle, clashing Armageddon's Blade and the Sword of Frost.
Enroth is ravaged by destructive energies, killing thousands and leading refugees to escape through portals to Axeoth.


Date Event Overview Locations
1175-1178 AS: New kingdoms rise Foundation of Palaedra, Aranorn and New Bracada. Construction of Paledon. Axeoth (Iranese) - ca 521-524 AC
ca 1175-1180 AS: Icon-H4.png Unification of the Tribes Waerjak reunifies the Barbarians. Tarnum is slain by Vogel Backbreaker.
Deaths of Hundric and Wulgar. Waerjak slays Vogel. Tarnum returns to Axeoth.
Axeoth (Iranese) - ca 521-526 AC
ca 1176-1180 AS: Icon-H4.png Formation of the Pirate Kingdom Black Balfour dies. Tawni Balfour conquers Frigiston and Yaranthrae.
Tawni slays Swift. Rumport is constructed. Pete Girly is slain.
Tawni slays the Mer-Queen and claims the Gold Sea.
Axeoth (Iranese) - ca 522-526 AC
1179 AS: Icon-H4.png Palaedran Civil War Sir Worton incites civil war in Palaedra. Lysander visits the Oracle of the Dawn.
Desette and Sir Kentaine are freed. Worton is crowned king of Palaedra.
Lysander defeats Worton and discovers his Gryphonheart lineage.
Axeoth (Iranese) - 525 AC
ca 1180s AS: Icon-H4.png Aranorn Civil War Pirates raid an Aranorn armada. Elwin and Shaera travel to Dolphin Jump.
Worllarc is eradicated. Lord Harke bewitches and marries Shaera. Elwin besieges Harke Manor.
Elwin is crowned king of Aranorn. Harke is defeated and imprisoned.
Axeoth (Iranese) - 526-536 AC
ca 1180s AS: Icon-H4.png Rise of Great Arcan Emilia Nighthaven and Tharj Orcsplitter found Great Arcan. Arcania is constructed.
New Bracada attacks Great Arcan. Solmyr ibn Wali Barad eradicates Old King Dreggar for the Rainbow Crystal.
Solmyr joins Great Arcan. Death of Tharj. Magnus captures Arcania.
The Rainbow Crystal is shattered and Magnus' mind is destroyed.
Axeoth (Iranese) - 526-536 AC
ca 1180s AS: Icon-H4.png Rise of Nekross Gauldoth Half-Dead ransacks Vitross and founds Nekross. Sir Mardor is slain.
Kalibarr is rescued. The Kreegans emerge on Axeoth. The Points of Power are activated.
Malvich is eradicated. Gauldoth and Suraze eradicate Kalibarr.
Axeoth (Iranese) - 526-536 AC
1190s-1200s AS: Icon-SeaOfMist.jpg Attack on Soronne Soronne is attacked by Sendark's armada via the Sea of Mist. The Magistracy of Soronne is devastated.
Fahd Mandel and Lenik seize control of the Isle of the Dead.
Praz-El and his allies defeat Mandel and Lenik. Praz-El travels to Murlank.
Axeoth (Tamarck) - 536-546 AC
ca 1200s AS: Icon-Warriors.jpg Daglathor's Revival Zash Mitra accuses and imprisons Alleron on charges of practicing the necromantic arts.
Alleron escapes the Pit of the Accursed and learns of his Ancient heritage.
Daria resurrects the Kreegan Daglathor, who is slain by Alleron.
ca 1200s AS: Icon-Shifters.png The Paradox Zash Mitra attacks Bilandria. Alleron slays Zash Mitra.
Daria obtains the Paradox Harp and warps Bilandria through the Paradox.
Alleron slays Daria and proceeds to rebuild the kingdom.
Unknown AS: Icon-Legends.jpg Slayers attack Aragoth The Red Dragon Aragoth is challenged by a band of mortals serving the Dragon Pharaoh. XEEN - Unknown
Unknown AS: Icon-Legends.jpg Blood Feud Two brothers descended from the Ironfist dynasty wage war over Castle Kanan. The victor is ambiguous. Presumably Axeoth - Unknown AC
Unknown AS: Icon-Dreamwright.jpgIcon-Shadowsmith.jpg War on the Unseen Wall Diligence and her party travel northwards to the Unseen Wall. Jassad Attqua is saved by Hitch.
The Unseen Wall is attacked by Dubiel's armies. Hitch and Jatt arrive upon another world.
Dubiel is permanently destroyed. Hitch and Diligence depart in search of Pomponderant.
Geary Gravel's world - Unknown AC


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