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A week with no in-game effect

The time system is a gameplay concept in the Heroes of Might and Magic series. The time system circles around days, weeks and months. It has appeared in every game in the series.

Every turn in the Heroes games constitutes a day - once every single player has taken their turn, the day is over, and a new day begins. Every seven days, a new week begins, and every four weeks, a new month begins. Every town can build one building per day, and every dwelling gets refilled with new creatures every week, except in Heroes IV, where a few creatures appear every single day.

Every week is given a name, and while most of the week names have no effect on the game, some of them do - a week of pikemen will double pikeman growth during that week, and a week of magic will make magic spells more powerful during the week. Some weeks have negative effects - the week of plague halves creature growth during that week.

In Heroes IV, weeks are not given names or effects. Months, on the other hand, are given names after creatures, and neutral creature stacks will appear on the map when a new month starts: A week of leprechauns will spawn leprechaun stacks.

Some scenarios have time limits, where the player is given a certain amount of weeks or months to accomplish the goal or suffer defeat.

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