The Wounded Land is the third scenario of A Strategic Quest, the official playable campaign of Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest.

Information[edit | edit source]

The Wounded Land is a medium-sized map with no water. The map is asymmetrical, but balanced. Each starting castle has a sawmill and an ore mine nearby. For the first time each faction does not have their own rare material mines as some of them are in contested territory. There are scattered treasures around.

Victory is achieved by finding the Eye of Goros. The player will lose if another faction recovers it first. Functionally, the victory is achieved the same way that finding the ultimate artifact is achieved: finding obelisks and digging on the right spot. The obelisks are scattered throughout the map.

Ironfist's Knights begin at the northeast corner, with the barbarians, sorceresses and warlocks starting in the southwest, southeast and northwest respectively. The sawmill and Ore Mines are near the starting castle, but are guarded by low level creatures. There are nine neutral towns in addition to the starting castles on the map.

Terrain varies a lot, but the majority of the terrain is composed of dirt and grass. There is a small snowy area in the south. A big forest spanning over the entire map creates a lot of narrow corridors, and the map is a bit maze-like.

In-game descriptions[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Chaos. A maelstrom of combat plagues the land. The people suffer, but will rally behind the wielder of the Eye of Goros, an artifact that can heal the wounded land. It was buried and lost eons ago. The first lord to uncover the Eye will unite the people and conquer the land - but it lies in a vast territory with only pieces of a puzzle to guide the way.OffBck

Victory[edit | edit source]

The healing power of the Eye of Goros spreads throughout the land. The population unites behind you and the other lords retreat. The war for domination begins.

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