The Wheel is a nation that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright, and is mentioned in Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. It was located east of Jogjaw Pass, north of Toime, and west of the Siccative. The residents of the Wheel were known as the "Turning Folk", and they referred to outsiders as the "Standing Folk" or the "Rooted". According to Hitch, they spoke in a flat drawl.

The people would live their lives in a "ceaseless, ordered migration", traveling counter-clockwise from place to place in the Wheel every few months. They would take pride and comfort from this structured movement, and Alacrity once remarked to Hitch that he "loved the Wheel, and the turning, and knowing where my center was". The Keepers believed that moving in step with the Wheel actually protected the people from imminent destruction.

At the age of 17, the young of the Wheel were considered to have "begun to make out the shape" of their own circle. They then chose a new name from the Endless Scroll, discarding their child name. During the ceremony, the sky would be swarming with kites, which had a special significance for the Turning Folk. Kites were also flown during burials.

The Wheel had eight kings, one of which was Herstad. He was known as the Harvest King, and his workers handled the harvesting of crops.

The Hub

The most important area was the Hub, located at the center of the Wheel. It was here that the kings would gather for important discussions, and several of their most important artifacts were located in an underground storehouse here.

The people of the Hub usually played an important role in matters that involved more than one of the kings - for example, the hubwoman Nury was the representative of the eight kings in Diligence's caravan.

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