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"The survivors of the Reckoning who blamed the destruction of the old world on rulers like Queen Catherine and King Kilgor gathered here a few years ago in a community bound by one motto: "Leave us alone and we'll leave you alone.""
—Squire Milton

The Wheel was an isolationist territory on Axeoth, located near Palaedra. It appears in the True Blade campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, most notably in the First Step of Many scenario.

The region got its name from the numerous water wheels built on the banks of its crisscrossing rivers. In accordance with their philosophy, the Wheel did not have a central monarch, but several barons that ruled together. They also showed little respect to the rulers of other nations.

The people of the Wheel were heavily isolationist, and did not care what happened outside their borders. They were willing to deal with others, and allowed Sir Worton to build a garrison there in return for a fortune in gold. But they were very protective of their borders, and when Lord Lysander arrived with an army to search for evidence that Worton was not a Gryphonheart, they fought him every step of the way.

Despite their efforts, Lysander located Lady Desette, and he could eventually prove that Worton was lying.

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