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"Lord Lysander gathered the remnants of the Kingdom of Erathia and formed the new Kingdom of Palaedra, but his greatest threat comes in the form of a knight who claims he is the last surviving member of the Gryphonheart line. Lysander knows in his heart that this man is lying, so he embarks on a quest accompanied by some new friends to uncover the truth of this usurper's ancestry."

The True Blade is the Haven campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV and includes 5 scenarios.

The main hero of the campaign is Lysander, while the narrator is his squire Milton.

The 5 scenarios in order are:

  1. The Drawing of the Blade
  2. The Trials
  3. The First Step of Many
  4. Seeking the Steel
  5. The Rightful Heir
Heroes IV scenarios Icon-H4.png
The True Blade The Drawing of the Blade - The Trials - The First Step of Many - Seeking the Steel - The Rightful Heir
Glory of Days Past A New Way - A Necessary War - A King's Choice - One Tribe
The Price of Peace At the Crossroads - An Enemy's Trust - The Servant - The Rainbow Crystal - An Unusual Betrayal - Slave to Fear - To Slay an Immortal - The Price of Peace
Elwin and Shaera The Lovers - Mark of the Tiger - True Love - Reflections - Together
Half-Dead Eater of Children - The Fiery Realm - The Points of Power - Life and Death - The Unholy Breath
A Pirate's Daughter The Pirate's Daughter - Bloody Cove - The Strait of the Lost - Bay of Maids - Never Look Back
Others Tutorial - Every Dog Has His Day - Unity