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When he passed away, Lord Brinne was mourned throughout the land. His tomb is a holy place visited by pilgrims and other well-wishers.OffBck

The Tomb of Lord Brinne is a secret dungeon in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. It is located in the Ravenshore region.

The tomb contains a group of dark elf peasants, named after members of the Guild of the Wooden Flute, who guard a sarcophagus with a wooden flute on it. The wooden flute is needed to unlock the New World Computing Dungeon.

Lord Brinne[]

Lord Brinne was the online name of Bill Iburg, a Might and Magic fan who was active on the 3DO forums. When he died during the development of Might and Magic VIII, the dungeon was created as a tribute to him. Lord Brinne received similar tributes in other RPGs developed at the time. His ashes can be found in Morrowind, his tombstone in Deus Ex, and his grave in Ultima IX: Ascension.

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