"Emilia goes from a glassblower's child, to the apprentice of an aging enchantress, to Queen of Great Arcan. But the Immortal King has set his eyes on her throne, and with the reluctant help of his genie servant, Solmyr, he comes up with a frighteningly horrible plan to bring peace to the entire world."

The Price of Peace is the Academy campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and consists of eight scenarios.

Emilia Nighthaven is a refugee, first from the Reckoning, then from the warlords that try to grab power in the chaos that followed. Emilia wants to bring order back into her life, and ends up the queen of the nation of Great Arcan.

The campaign is narrated by the genie Solmyr.

The eight scenarios in order are:

  1. At the Crossroads
  2. An Enemy's Trust
  3. The Servant
  4. The Rainbow Crystal
  5. An Unusual Betrayal
  6. Slave to Fear
  7. To Slay an Immortal
  8. The Price of Peace

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