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The Pit, also known as Moulder, is a region in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor and the capital of Deyja. It is an underground city that is the home of Archibald Ironfist and his advisors, the evil members of the Terran ultimate adventurers.

Characters that follow the Path of Darkness must go here to get their main quests, while those that follow the Path of Light must go to Celeste.

Map guide[]

  1. Hall of the Pit.
  2. Shields of Malice: Armor shop. Location of Malice.
  3. Blades of Spite: Weapon shop. Location of Spite.
  4. Breeding Zone.
  5. The Vampyre Lounge: Tavern. Location of the innkeeper Paul.
  6. House of Therese Umberpool, who sells membership to the Earth guild.
  7. Home of Stephan Sand, who offers the Reveal the location of the Tomb of Ashwar Nog'Nogoth quest.
  8. Home of Seth Darkenmore, who teaches master Dark Magic, and Halfgild Wynac, who offers the Retrieve the lich jars quest.
  9. Perdition's Flame: Training grounds. Location of Kahn.
  10. Frozen Assets: Bank. Location of Greed.
  11. Teleporter to point 12.
  12. Teleporter to point 17.
  13. Eldritch Influences: Magic shop. Location of No'mead.
  14. Paramount Guild of Earth: Magic guild. Location of Beld.
  15. Guild of Night: Magic guild. Location of Anguish.
  16. Infernal Temptations: Magic shop. Location of Nogard.
  17. Teleporter to point 20.
  18. Temple of Dark: Healing temple. Location of Zevah.
  19. Hall of Midnight: Town hall. Location of Crowley.
  20. Teleporter to point 12.
  21. Castle Gloaming.
  22. Home of Tolberti.



  • Trap value: 40
  • Steal value: 10
  • Perception: 40