Netherworld map

The Netherworld

MineNecropolis CoH

The nearby mine

PortalRoom CoH

The Secret Portal room

"You discovered my true identity! Into the Soul Maze you go…"
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The Netherworld is the first location in the Necropolis campaign in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. After falling through the magical portal in Irollan, Fiona wakes up in Heresh and discovers that she is a ghost. After freeing the necromancer Markal, she decides to try to return to life.

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These quests can be found in the Netherworld:

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Artifacts Edit

  • Cursed Shield: Found in a chest when Markal is freed.
  • Plague Rat: In a chest in the mine to the west.
  • Spider Cloak: Given by Sir Skelton when he is defeated in combat.
  • Book of the Dead: After defeating Sir Skelton, Fiona must talk to him again, and then move to the starting point to the northwest.
  • Blood Ring: Given by Farnir when he is defeated in combat.
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