The Naga Tea is a quest in Might & Magic X: Legacy. This quest is given by Meleager in his house in Karthal (4,23).

You are to find 5 types of tea. You will likely find samples of tea before you ever meet Meleager. Take or buy them as needed. They will be stored in the Quest Token inventory.

Take the five teas to Meleager (Karthal).

Places to find them:

  • Get Urago tea from Manami {21,19} in Karthal Harbour
  • Obtain Heijin tea from Erika in the Minho Marshes District.
  • Buy Ohlae tea from Idas, Itinerant Me
  • You get this tea from Tamal in Tamal's Inn located in the Navea Delta near the north entrance to Karthal.rchant, Ashen Hills near Sorpigal.
  • Get Akari Tea from Hamato after you finished the quest Darkness in the Lighthouse.

Rewards Edit

1500 Exp and Potions

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