"Having covered (and conquered) all but the last bit of ground leading to the capital, each conqueror learns that there are four others who seek the same prize. This single-map campaign pits the five conquerors against each other in a pitched battle for ultimate control. Which hero will crush his rivals and lay claim to five kingdoms?"

The Last Bastion is the final campaign in the Heroes of Might and Magic IV expansion Winds of War, and consists of one scenario, Last Man Standing. The previous five campaigns must be completed to play it.

The five heroes rally their forces and face off against each other, and against Channon's defenders, until one emerges victorious and takes the city of Rylos.

The five heroes are:

  1. Spazz Maticus, from To Rule the World
  2. Mongo, from Barbarian Hordes
  3. Mysterio the Magnificent, from The Magnificent One
  4. Erutan Revol, from Enough is Enough
  5. Baron Von Tarkin, from Death March

The heroes not picked by the player will be controlled by the computer. All heroes are just like they were at the end of their respective campaigns, with the same skills and spells, but no artifacts.

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