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""There is at least one historian recording my activities," Tarnum interrupted the uncomfortable silence that fell at the end of his tale. "Probably more.""

The Historian is the name given to the narrator in Heroes Chronicles. The name is never used in the game itself, and is likely taken from a comment by Tarnum in the Glory of Days Past campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV (given above). He is voiced by Dan Woren, who also voices Tarnum in Heroes IV.

The Historian chronicles Tarnum's deeds from his days as a young farmer and slave in the Wasteland, to his failure to stop Kilgor from gaining the Sword of Frost, which the barbarian king used in a duel with Gelu that destroyed the world.

Very little is known about the Historian. In the Old Wounds scenario in Conquest of the Underworld, where Mensor learns that Tarnum once was the Barbarian Tyrant, he says that "my ancestor was one of the first to learn his secret", revealing that the Historian is a descendant of Mensor. And in the Masters of the Elements scenario in Masters of the Elements, he says that "Tarnum returned to our world", so it's clear that the Historian also lives or lived in Enroth. Whether he escaped through the portal into Axeoth after the Reckoning is not known.

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