The Highwaymen is a quest in Might & Magic X: Legacy. The quest is given to you by Rosalie who can be found in the Chapel of Elrath in Sorpigal by the Sea.

Rosalie asks you to eliminate a brigand and find a book for her. This book just happens to be in the Den of Thieves where you are supposed to find an outlaw for the quest Lost Lambs given to you by Eileen in Sorpigal.

This is the same brigand that Rosalie wants you to find. If accepted, Rosalie joins you in your adventure. Good news: Rosalie can identify Secret Doors for you.

  • Travel to the Den of Thieves (Shadow Woods)
  • Eliminate the leader of the bandits.
  • The quest is completed when you retrieve the book and Rosalie will leave you.

Rewards Edit

100 exp

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