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The Ancestors' prison on the Fiery Moon

"I step off the Sparkling Bridge into the choking heat of a blackened landscape. The sky above is the color of charcoal; a churning, chaotic storm glowing with an occasional purple spark of lightning."

The Fiery Moon is a remote world appearing in The Fiery Moon, the sixth part of Heroes Chronicles. The last two scenarios of the chapter, The Fiery Moon and Vorr, the Insane, take part on this world.

Tarnum the Immortal Hero was trying to free the Ancestors, the ancient gods of the barbarian people. They had been captured by Vorr, one of the Ancestors who had adopted the aspect of a war god worshipped in Krewlod, but had gone insane and had attempted to destroy the World Tree, the source of all life. Tarnum had saved the World Tree, but the two other Ancestors were still in Vorr's clutches, so Tarnum was trying to rescue them, but had no idea where they were being held. One day, his soldiers caught a wounded familiar lurking outside the camp. After the healers had treated his wounds, he told Tarnum that his name was Skizzik, and that he and his fellow kreegans had worked for Vorr on the Fiery Moon, a dead and inhospitable world far away. The Ancestors were imprisoned there, and Skizzik had accidentally left the door open long enough for them to contact Tarnum and tell him to save the World Tree. The other demons had tried to kill Skizzik, but he'd managed to escape and eventually found Tarnum.

Using the Sparkling Bridge, Tarnum managed to reach the Fiery Moon. The hot, barren landscape was a lonely, sorrowful place, but to Skizzik, it was home, and he stood up to Grumba, Tarnum's ogre second-in-command, when he insulted it.

When they arrived on the Moon, Tarnum found an old Stronghold of unknown origin. And one day, Skizzik fell into a hole while gathering firewood and found the tomb of an old civilization - the people who lived on the Fiery Moon before the kreegans arrived, and before it became the hellish landscape that Tarnum could see before him. The kreegans had killed them all, and left little of their civilization intact. Tarnum imagined the kreegans turning every world into a copy of the Fiery Moon, and said: "As long as blood pumps through my body, I swear my world will not become like this one!"

After a long struggle, Tarnum managed to free the Ancestors from their prison, and he defeated Vorr on the field of battle. While he had long wanted to slay the Mad Ancestor, in the end Tarnunm showed mercy and gave him the sap of the World Tree, which cured both his wounds and his madness.

It is unknown what happened to the Fiery Moon and its inhabitants after Tarnum and the Ancestors left the place.

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