Sheogh CoH

The Demon Realm

MineInferno CoH

The nearby mine

"You discovered my true identity! Into the Soul Maze you go…"
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The Demon Realm is the first location in the Inferno campaign in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Aidan finds himself in Sheogh, and discovers that he can control demons. With the aid of Jezebeth, he decides to find and slay Azexes, the demon that murdered his father.

Quests Edit

These quests can be found in the Demon Realm:

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Dillon's battle puzzles

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Artifacts Edit

  • Rage Shield: In a chest in the nearby mine.
  • Thorn Whip: Given by Dillon after completing his first battle puzzle.
  • Magma Shard: Given by Dillon after completing his second battle puzzle.
  • Celerity Ring: Defeat Talnir in combat.
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