The Arena is a scenario Heroes of Might and Magic for Game Boy Color.


Four Warlocks duel in a specially constructed area of magic.OffBck

The Warlocks are scattered in four parts of the barren wastelands: north, east, west and south. All of them have an equal chance at winning, having sawmill and ore mine near the town. All the other mines are located in the center of the map, guarded by some creatures. In addition, there are two obelisks at each town.

In the center, there are some artifacts, a portal and a Dragon City, guarded by ghosts. The portal leads to a small area with two artifacts, which give the hero some extra cash per day. Also, two daemon caves are close to the center.



The hero should build up an army and make haste to defeat the ghosts and claim the artifacts. With a powerful army, taking out towns, one by one, should be no problem.