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The Archipelago is the second scenario of the A Strategic Quest campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. The map consists of four large and one small islands with lots of water between. It is followed by The Wounded Land.


A medium-sized map with a large body of water, the four factions each start on their own island. The fifth island is a small one located in the middle and has a Dragon City on it. The map is not symmetrical, but the four islands are balanced in resources and towns. Movement between islands is done by ships or by stone liths.

Victory is achieved by vanquishing all the other factions. There is no special loss condition. The ultimate artifact can also be located on the map: there are four obelisks on each of the big islands, located roughly at the four corners of the islands (north-south-east-west).

Ironfist's Knights begin on the south island, with the Barbarians, Sorceressess and Warlocks starting in the east, north and west respectively. The sawmill and ore mines are near starting castle, but are guarded by low level creatures. There are two towns in addition to the starting castle on each big island. There are also one of the each rare resource mines and a gold mine on each starting island.

Terrain varies a lot, but the majority of the terrain on each island relates to the starting faction (swamp on Warlock's island for example). The map's stacks relate to the islands as well, so the southern island has a lot of knight creatures.


"Your way to the mainland is blocked by the Archipelago of the Ancients, a series of four large islands, each held by a different lord. The opposition must all be subdued, and they are better led this time. Boats are a necessity--use them wisely!"


"The Archipelago of the Ancients has been subdued and added to your domain. On the horizon lies a vast, unexplored--and hostile--continent."