The Ambush is the second scenario in the Wulfstan's Defiance campaign of Hammers of Fate.


Hrolgeir, Wulfstan's friend, tells him that his half-brother, Rolf, killed guards and took Andrei. As much as Wulfstan wants to settle the family feud, he needs to defeat the Red Church. He has to capture Asbrand first. Asbrand is protected by a Red Knight, Lorenzo, so Wulfstan has to be prepared.

After seizing Asbrand, Wulfstan has the task of uniting the Dwarves. He needs to flag the dwellings - he has two months before the reinforcements of the Red Church come. The dwellings are scattered around the underground, and, in addition, Wulfstan could seize all the gold mines to help him in the battle ahead.

After seizing all the dwellings, 3 days after that will the reinforcements, under Andreas' command appear, so Wulfstan needs to repel the force. So, Wulfstan has to mass an army and defeat his forces.

Meanwhile, Rolf told King Tolghar and High Priest Hangvul about the trouble Wulfstan made. Unexpectedly, Isabel appears (as an illusion). She tells that the Dark Elves are preparing to attack the Stone Halls, so avoiding the possible threat, she announces to break the alliance with Ygg-Chall, but wants Andrei. Hangvul is very pleased by this idea, but in so doing, Wulfstan will be in trouble...


Fortress: Asbrand


  • Rolf took Andrei.
  • Queen Isabel breaks the alliance with Ygg-Chall.


Wulfstan has to seize Asbrand, then get all the mines as quick as possible. He should seize all dwellings, but left one and just before time runs out, he should flag it, then hire the creatures.


After flagging all dwellings, Wulfstan has 7 days before Andreas attacks Asbrand. He will appear 3 days after he flagged the dwellings and 4 days before he attacks.