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Thant is a male vampire necromancer of the Necropolis faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III.


No one is really sure how long Thant has been alive. Some say he fought for Erathia during the Timber Wars, but fell prey to a Vampire during an all-night march through Phynaxia.OffBck


Thant is a Necromancer, and starts with basic Necromancy and Mysticism.

Hero Trait
AnimateDeadH3 specialty.png Animate Dead
Casts Animate Dead with increased effect, based on hero level compared to the level of the target unit (the bonus is greater when used on weaker units).OffBck


Thant also appears in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer as the second-in-command of the Necromancers' Guild of Shadowspire. He was the creator of the Nightshade Brazier, which allowed vampires to roam freely during the daylight hours. The Brazier was stolen by the Temple of the Sun; Guild Leader Sandro made its recovery a condition of his joining the Alliance to save Jadame.

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