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Thanes are not only great warriors, but also possess magical abilities. A Thane can teleport himself into his enemies' ranks, slaughtering them by brute strength with his axe. In addition, his axe fires off lightning bolts, striking nearby enemies. Thanes are immune to the elements of Lightning.OffBck

The thane is the sixth-level creature of the Fortress in the Heroes of Might and Magic V expansion, Hammers of Fate.

With its teleporting ability and a Storm Strike that can travel from enemy to enemy, the thane can do great damage to an enemy army.


  • Flyer - This creature can move on to any free tile on the game field during its turn, regardless of the obstacles in the way.OffBck
  • Large Creature - This creature is bigger than others and occupies four squares on the field.OffBck
  • Storm Strike - Besides usual damage, this creature strikes the target with lightning (non-magical damage), which then hits another enemy creature if one is standing near the target, continuing on in this way until the chain is broken. The lightning's force is equal to that of the attack.OffBck

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