The Terran ultimate adventurers is the playable adventuring party in Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra. They also appear as non-playable characters in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor.

Canonically, the party consists of the human Paladin Sir Caneghem, the dwarven Barbarian Crag Hack, the half-orc Knight Sir Maximus, the gnome Robber Dark Shade, the gnome Cleric Resurrectra, and the elven Sorcerer Kastore. In Might and Magic VII, Tolberti and Robert the Wise are also part of the group.

Biography Edit

Might and Magic III Edit

A group of adventurers traveled through the various parts of the Isles of Terra. They were involved in the battle between Sheltem, the Guardian of Terra and Corak, a Guardian sent by the Ancients to bring Sheltem to justice. During their journey, the group entered the Maze from Hell, gaining the title of "ultimate adventurers" by defeating its defenses. They entered the Pyramid of the Ancients and found the underwater seedship used by the Ancients to colonize Terra.

Sheltem fled from Terra in an escape pod, heading for Xeen. Corak followed him, contacting the adventurers and telling them to use the seedship (known as The Lincoln) to come with him to Xeen.

Might and Magic VII Edit

The Terran adventurers encountered problems while following Corak and Sheltem and crashed on Enroth. Some of them (led by Kastore) wanted to revive Enroth's Heavenly Forge, creating advanced weapons and using them to take over the world, while the others (led by Resurrectra) wanted to use a gate created by the Ancients to reconnect to the Web of Worlds and end the Silence. The group argued and eventually split up, with Kastore's forces ending up as advisors to Archibald Ironfist and Resurrecta's forces becoming advisors to Gavin Magnus.

Both sides tried to recruit another adventuring party, the Lords of Harmondale, to aid them. In the end, the Lords of Harmondale sided with Resurrectra, aiding them in defeating the other Terran ultimate adventurers. The two parties powered the gate and traveled to Webstation Beta-5, and were now able to travel anywhere they wished along the Web.

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