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Various Terrains found in Heroes III

Terrain is what your hero walks across in the Heroes of Might and Magic games, and determines what type of towns you may find.

  • Dirt is usually brown, and is fairly generic, usually housing Necromancers.
  • Sand is a yellow-brown and is neutral, found only around water and does not house a faction.
  • Grass is universal and is a vibrant green, found almost anywhere and houses a large variety of factions.
  • Snow lands, also referred to as the Taiga, is a gentle white, Housing Wizards (except in Heroes V and II)
  • Swamps are blue and green in appearance and house Lizard-type creatures (Except in Heroes V)
  • Rough land is a medium brown and has lots of cracks, giving the appearance of desert, housing Strongholds.
  • Subterranean is usually dirt, colored similarly to sand and houses the Dungeon .
  • Black and red terrain is hardened volcanic rock, and houses Infernos.
  • Water is a neutral and can be found anywhere. It's a dark blue.
  • Black signals where there is no land, usually used with the Subterranean to give the feel of caverns.
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