Temkhan is a Wizard hero included in Heroes of Might and Magic V. He is neither a standard nor campaign-only hero, making no appearance in any official scenarios — he is only in the game's map editor.


Though a recent academy graduate, Temkhan's youth has not prevented him for making a name for himself. Focusing on the elements of time, timing, and the very properties of the continuum of time on Ashan, he can temporarily bend it to his will and strike the first blow in every conflict.OffBck


Temkhan is unused in all of the game's official scenarios, suggesting he may have been a leftover from an earlier beta. He is the only hero with a unique portrait and specialty to be flagged as "hidden" in the map editor. Even so, it is still easily possible to place Temkhan on user-created maps by utilising the editor's "Shared" properties in the map properties tree.

Temkhan possesses the unique Master of the Sands specialty, which alters the order of the ATB bar at the start of combat at increasing intensity based on his experience level. He is internally named Timerkhan.


Hero Trait
H5SpecMasterOfTheSands Master of the Sands
Caster transforms the local time continuum, changing the order of creatures' actions at the start of combat. The intensity of the transformation depends on the hero's level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicArtificer Basic Artificer
H5BasicSorcery Basic Sorcery H5MagicInsight Magic Insight


  • It appears that Temkhan may have been removed as his unique specialty caused lengthy in-game slowdowns. This was corrected in Tribes of the East; however, he was not "rescued" for use in the exapansion.
  • Temkhan's name apparently stems from the Latin "tempus" (time) and "Khan", a Central Asian synonym for ruler.


Temkhan was to appear in Heroes of Might and Magic V, but was cut.

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