Tatalia is the kingdom of the mudlanders in western Antagarich. It is mainly made up of swamps, and home to several dangerous kinds of wild beasts.

Geography Edit

Tatalia borders only Erathia to the east.

History Edit

Tatalia was formed when the Immortal Hero Tarnum, feeling guilty about enslaving the Mudlanders dwelling in the area, was sent to free them, and aid them in setting up their own nation. The name Tatalia comes from the local word for community.

Circa 1145, Tatalia had some border skirmishes with Erathia. After the death of Erathian king Nicolas Gryphonheart in 1164, Tatalian king Tralossk took advantage of the invasion of Erathia by Eeofol and Nighon, and, having enlisted the help of a mercenary commander, moved in to occupy Erathia's western borderlands, along with the barbarian nation of Krewlod that was aided by the same commander. Tatalia and Krewlod began to clash soon afterwards, and they continued to fight each other for the occupied territories until reinforcements from Erathia and Bracada arrived, led by Catherine Ironfist. The forces of Tatalia and Krewlod were driven back, with Erathia's western border restored.

After the Restoration Wars, Tatalia was invaded by an undead army led by the rogue death knight Lord Haart. The fire witch Adrienne rose up to fight Haart's forces. Although Adrienne was unable to enlist the help of the main Tatalian and Erathian forces against Haart, she managed to gather an army of her own, and succeeded in eradicating the undead forces, as well as killing Haart himself.

Tatalia's population seems to have been largely wiped out by the Reckoning, as it was not known to have any successor kingdoms on Axeoth. The few former Tatalian commanders that did make it to Axeoth joined the forces of other kingdoms, such as Mirlanda having joined the priesthood of Palaedra, and Tazar having joined the barbarians.

Military Edit

Tatalian military has a vast number of soldiers and dangerous beasts under their command, but their generals do generally not have an offensive spirit. Once a Tatalian army siezes some land, it is hard for the enemy to win it back.

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