Tarnum is the main protagonist of the Heroes Chronicles series.


Uprising and downfallEdit

Being raised as a Barbarian, Tarnum never gave up hope and always fought to the last. When he heard a story from a bard about the Barbarians' legend, Jarg, he was even more decisive to free his own people, so he slayed his clan lord, Rabak and became the Barbarian King.

Afterwards, he pursued the Wizard-Kings of Bracaduun for enslaving so many people. On his quest, he met Hardac, who became his trusted friend and advisor. During his rising of power, a Wizard-King named Kurl imprisoned 4 bards who held knowledge of Tarnum's people. However, the eldest was slain, but others were freed.

To gain the power against Bracaduun, Tarnum fought war against the tribes of Mudlands, which he defeated them with little resistance.


Tarnum appears as a Barbarian in some campaigns. In others, he is a Knight, Wizard, Beastmaster, Ranger and Overlord.

Barbarian Edit

As a barbarian, he starts with advanced offense.

Hero Trait
OffenseBasicHIII Offense
Recieves a 5% per level bonus to Offense skill percentage.OffBck

Knight Edit

As a knight, he starts with basic leadership and artillery.

Hero Trait
BallistaH3 icon Ballista
Increases the Attack and Defense skill of any Ballista for each level attained after 4th level.OffBck

Wizard Edit

As a wizard, he starts with advanced wisdom.

Hero Trait
EnchanterH3 specialty Enchanters
Can upgrade Monks or Zealots and Magi or Arch Magi to Enchanters.OffBck

Ranger Edit

As a ranger, he starts with basic leadership and archery.

Hero Trait
SharpshooterH3 specialty Sharpshooters
Can upgrade Archers or Marksmen and Wood Elves or Grand Elves to Sharpshooters.OffBck

Beastmaster Edit

As a beastmaster, he starts with basic armorer and resistance.

Hero Trait
BasiliskH3 specialty Basilisks
Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Basilisks or Greater Basilisks for each level attained after 4th level.OffBck

Overlord Edit

As an overlord, he starts with basic tactics and estates.

Hero Trait
DragonsH3 specialty Dragons
All dragons receive +5 Att, +5 Def.OffBck

Scenarios Edit

Heroes Chronicles Edit

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Heroes of Might and Magic IV Edit

Glory of Days Past Edit
  • A New Way: Tarnum teaches his son about the barbarian culture and resolves conflicts among the barbarian tribes.
  • A Necessary War: Tarnum got captured by Vogel's forces.
  • A King's Choice: Before the execution, Vogel taunts and torments Tarnum, though Tarnum does not show any sign of pain. Vogel, nevertheless, execues Tarnum.
  • One Tribe: When Vogel is defeated, Tarnum appears before Waerjak and explains his past and the reason why he did not enter Paradise.

Appearances Edit

Tarnum appears in all Heroes Chronicles series and in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Trivia Edit

He is the only character in Heroes of Might and Magic series to have 6 different classes.

Gallery Edit