Tamris is a character in Crusaders of Might and Magic. He is the High Chief of the dashers of Duskwood. Drake must convince him to let the dashers aid the Crusaders against the Legion of the Fallen.

Background Edit

Tamris was appointed war-leader at the age of 50 and became the High Chief at 70 (which was considered extremely young) when he won the favor of the Spirit of the Wood, who recognized him as the bravest and strongest of his people. Tamris was known as a wise ruler, and knew the lore as well as someone three times his age. He liked humans (whom he saw not as inferior, but different), and believed that the two races could learn from each other.

A young human named Dikken was raised by Tamris and the dashers when his parents were slain by the Legion of the Fallen. He later returned to human society and became a Crusader Knight. Celestia asked him to write a report on the dashers, and wondered if it would be possible to form an alliance with them. Dikken told her that the dashers would welcome a chance to mobilize against Necros, but that the Crusaders should take care to treat them as equals - if the humans tried to approach them as their betters, the dashers would refuse to even talk to them.

Years later, Drake arrived in the dasher village, hoping to secure their aid. Tamris told him that he would have to join the tribe by touching the Spirit of the Wood, which could be found nearby, near the Heart of Wood. When Drake had joined the dashers, Tamris dueled him for leadership of the tribe. Drake won, securing the aid of the dashers.

PC version Edit

In the PC version, Drake does not join the dashers or duel against Tamris. Instead, he secures Tamris' aid by casting solidify on those dashers that have been possessed by deceivers, thus curing them.

Gameplay Edit

"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"
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Icon-Crusaders Tamris Icon-Crusaders
Hit Points: 1,500
Damage: +110 melee
+60 ranged
Strength: 60
Spells: Snap freeze
Normal: 65
Fire: 55
Air: 55
Water: 100
Earth: 55
Mind: 30
Spirit: 100
Body: 30
Light: 55
Dark: 55

In the PS1 version, Drake must duel Tamris for leadership of the tribe. Tamris has a longsword that deals earth damage. Defeating him is not necessary - simply survive a few rounds, and Tamris will yield.

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