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Talonguard is the imperial capital of the Holy Griffin Empire, located at the heart of the empire's Imperial Province itself. Strategically located on a plateau as a boost of its defense, its giant multiple walls, and humble farms and villages, are surrounded by the Duchies that compose the human kingdom: the Griffin Duchy, Bull Duchy, Unicorn Duchy, Stag Duchy, Greyhound Duchy, Raven Duchy and Wolf Duchy.


Fall of Falcon's Reach and the Rise of Talonguard

During the Fourth Eclipse and the collapse of the gate of Sheogh that allows the Demon to scour the land, Kha-Beleth sent one of his most loyal generals Jezebeth, in order to destroy the Falcon Duchy along with the empire, however Jezebeth's troops were repeatedly repelled by Maeve, as Falcon's Reach, the Empire's capital, held powerful magic that protected the Queen.

Knowing she can't win while Falcon's Reach stands, Jezebeth concentrated all her might on conquering and destroying the city. After she manage to destroy the capital, she pursued the fleeing Queen and killed her. Despite that, Jezebeth's mission was eventually a failure, because a last Falcon individual, Brendan Falcon, managed to escape the destruction.[1Afterwards the empire's order is restored by Ivan Griffin. With the city of Falcon's Reach destroyed, Ivan moved the empire's court to the Griffin Duchy's seat of Talonguard.


Talonguard is featured on the gameplay on Heroes V's several scenes as staging point of the storyline. During Queen Isabel's War. In The Alliance, the allied force decided to put down the mad queen Isabel, and proceeded to attack the capital. After the first victory over Sheogh, the Allied force were not aware that the Queen had been replaced by Biara. The capital fell into the hand of the Sheogh after the "fake" Queen Isabel, who is actually Biara, decided to expose her identity and seized the city from inside by summoning demons using the corrupted Heart of the Griffin. The artifact opened a portal linking Sheogh and summoned demons inside the city who proceeded to massacre its inhabitants. During the event, she also killed the Griffin heir Andrei.

Talonguard is the main scenario location of the Demon incursion and A Flamboyant Exit. The Allied force successfully liberated the city from Sheogh, killing Biara in its progress.


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