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For the faction in other games, see Sylvan.

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Sylvan is one of the six playable factions in Heroes of Might and Magic V. A spiritual successor of the Sorceress/Rampart/Preserve towns from the previous games of the series, the town is mainly populated by Elves, the rest of the town's lineup being completed by creatures of the woodland, such as Pixies and Treants. Its alignment is Good.


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  • Faerie Trees (allows to recruit 10 Pixies per week)
  • Blooming Grove (increases Pixies growth by +4 per week)
  • Battledance Terrace (allows to recruit 9 blade dancers per week)
  • Hunters Cabins (allows to recruit 7 Hunters per week)
  • Stone Ring (allows to recruit 4 Druids per week)
  • Unicorn Glade (allows to recruit 3 Unicorns per week)
  • Treant Arches (allows to recruit 2 Treants per week)
  • Treant Saplings (increases Treants growth by +1 per week)


  • Avenger's Brotherhood (an upgrade of the Avenger's Guild, it increases chances to a inflict critical hit on favored enemy by +10%)



Heroes you can begin a game with, in non-campaign games.


For the Sylvan towns, see Sylvan/Towns.

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