For other creatures of the same name, see swordsman.

Icon-MM7 Swordsman Icon-MM7
Swordsman - MM VII
Hit Points: 40
Armor Class: 10
Damage: 3D7+4
Movement limit: Long
Speed: 220
Attack Speed: 90
Preferred enemy: Thief
Primary attack: Physical
Level: 10
Experience: 200
Treasure: 10D6 gold
Fire: 5
Air: 5
Water: 5
Earth: 5
Mind: 5
Spirit: 5
Body: 5
Light: 0
Dark: 0
Physical: 5

The swordsman is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. Its stronger versions are the guard and adventurer.

Swordsmen attack in close combat, dealing 3D7+4 physical damage. They will target thieves in the party, and they can be encountered in the Emerald Island, Temple of the Moon, Harmondale, Castle Harmondale, Lord Markham's Manor, and Fort Riverstride.

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