The Sword of Frost

The Sword of Frost is a powerful artifact appearing in The Sword of Frost, the eighth part of Heroes Chronicles.

The Sword of Frost was created in Volee, the first city of the Vori elves, more than a thousand years before the Reckoning. Shortly after its creation, the city was buried by glaciers, and some speculate that the sword was responsible for this. A prophecy foretold that if the Sword of Frost ever met Armageddon's Blade, another incredibly powerful artifact, it would mean the end of the world.

For ten centuries, the sword was guarded in the now-hidden city of Volee, but when Gelu, the famous hero of AvLee, heard about the prophecy, he was troubled. He was the wielder of Armageddon's Blade, and since he didn't want to give up his weapon, he decided to travel to Vori, find the hidden city, and destroy the Sword of Frost.

But the barbarian Ancestors knew that by trying to avoid the prophecy, Gelu could potentially cause it to come true instead, so they sent Tarnum, the Immortal Hero, to stop Gelu from finding the blade. Tarnum had many allies in AvLee and Erathia, but none of them wanted to lift a finger against the famous hero Gelu, so he instead went to Nighon, which was in disarray after the death of the Dragon Queen Mutare. Taking control of the underground creatures, he followed Gelu to Vori.

While Gelu and Tarnum searched for the sword, they learned that Kija, the third wife of Kilgor, had also come here in search of the sword, planning to give it to her husband to ensure that her sons became his heirs. Tarnum defeated her armies, but Kija escaped into the wilderness.

Tarnum managed to defeat both Gelu and the defenders of Volee. He was planning on taking the sword to the Ancestors, who would cast it into a place where it would never be found, but when he reached its resting place, he discovered that Kija had reached it first and chipped it from its sheath with her axe. Despite all attempts to stop her, she reached the mainland and presented the weapon to Kilgor.


Gelu with Armageddon's Blade, and Kilgor with the Sword of Frost

Kilgor led his army out to conquer the world and kill any who opposed him, and eventually faced Gelu, who was determined to destroy the Sword of Frost. Despite prior warnings from Tarnum, Gelu carried Armageddon's Blade into battle with the Barbarian King, and faced his foe in one-on-one combat. Kilgor and Gelu locked arms, clashing Armageddon's Blade and the Sword of Frost together. As predicted, the convergence of the two blades triggered the Reckoning, which killed both leaders and rendered Enroth uninhabitable. Some of the population managed to flee to Axeoth through magical portals, but countless others were dead.

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