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Captain Swift was a pirate of the Gold Sea, and the man responsible for killing Black Balfour. He was rumored to have been a commander in Catherine Ironfist's navy before becoming a scourge of the sea. Swift acted as an antagonist in A Pirate's Daughter, one of the six campaigns on Heroes IV.


Swift is the infamous captain of the pirate ship, Assassin. Although he is as merciless as any rogue, he sometimes exhibits a sense of honor that most pirates scoff at. Perhaps there is some truth to the rumor that Swift used to be an admiral in the Queen's navy.OffBck

Captain Swift was one of the most dreaded pirates of the Gold Sea, and one of the few mighty enough to have vied for the control of the area. It was his ability to lead men both on sea and on land that made Swift such a powerful captain. It was rumored that Swift served in Queen Catherine's navy; this rumor was plausible, given his insightful, tactical mind.

About a year after entering Axeoth, Swift encountered a dangerous rival: Black Balfour, the legendary pirate. Swift managed to slay him after a fruitful ambush at sea. Balfour's elimination proved disastrous for Swift, as it gave an excuse for Tawni Balfour to take control of her father's fleet.

Tawni proved a better commander than her progenitor, and managed to get an edge in the battle for the Gold Sea by conquering Frigiston and Yanathrae, thus gaining control of the Strait of Storms. Sensing the danger Tawni posed, Swift orchestrated an attack that destroyed most of his new rival's fleet.

This proved a wrong move, as Tawni, enraged, decided to gather her forces and pursue a man that she previously considered a potential friend for besting her infamous father. Swift retreated to his hideout at Bloody Cove, but Tawni found him, and in the battle that ensured, Swift and his crew were slaughtered.


Captain Swift is an eighteenth-level ranger with master melee, expert combat, seamanship, and leadership, advanced tactics and scouting and basic magic resistance and Stealth. He is equipped with Mullich's Helm of Leadership, the Cowl of Resistance, Winged Sandals, and two Rings of Speed.


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