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Sulman is a character mentioned in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. He was an advisor to King Roland, but was secretly working for Xenofex and the Church of Baa.


Sulman was a master of air magic, and one of King Roland's advisors. When Roland took a small army to northwestern Enroth to learn what had happened to Lord Kilburn and his rangers, Sulman accompanied them. Roland entrusted him with a lot of tasks, including ensuring that his letters to his wife Catherine were delivered. Sulman, already in the employ of the kreegans, pocketed the letters instead.

As they searched for news about Lord Kilburn's fate, the army was plagued by snowstorms, despite it being the middle of summer. Roland hoped that Sulman could discover the cause of the unseasonable weather, but the air mage was actually causing the storms himself.

During their travels, Roland's army encountered a group of kreegans. In a bloody struggle, they killed most of the devils, but a few managed to get away, and Roland's forces soon found themselves pursued by a horde of kreegans. Roland wrote a letter to Catherine, asking her to send an army to Castle Kriegspire and liberate his forces. He gave the letter to Sulman and began to fortify his position, unaware that the letter would never reach its destination.

Roland and the other survivors were soon taken prisoner by the kreegans. Pleased with his servant, Xenofex promoted Sulman to High Priest of the Second Circle, and told him to seek out Andover Potbello in New Sorpigal, who would give him a sum of gold. On his way to New Sorpigal, Sulman was ambushed and slain by a pack of goblins. A group of adventurers later found his body, recovering both Roland's letters to his wife and Xenofex's letter to Sulman.