Stonehelm - (DM)

Stonehelm was one of the Free Cities. It was one of the oldest of the independent cities. Built on the ancient ruins of a necropolis, Stonehelm became an important trading city, home of the mage Menelag.

History Edit

Located right next to the Wolf Duchy of the Holy Falcon Empire, Stonehelm is the oldest Free City; although not the biggest one. It was founded in 48 YSD, soon after Brian Falcon's conversion to Elrath, when some of his subjects, refusing to abandon their patron Ylath, Dragon of Air, in favor of the Dragon of Light, decided to exile themselves. Populated by humans, wizards and dwarves, it is rumored to have been built on an ancient Shantiri necropolis.

The city had an important role in the Prophecy of the Demon Messiah. Sareth, the Dark Messiah himself, visited Stonehelm twice. At the first visit, Stonehelm was attacked by necromancers. The second one led Sareth deep under the city to the necropolis, where he fought the Necromancer Lord, Arantir.

Appearance Edit